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The logistics of buying a home can be daunting.  Cash Home Inspections puts a premium on being accommodating and easy to work with.  We provide you the convenience of scheduling and coordinating all of your major pre-purchase inspections and tests with one phone call.





Radon Testing
Home Inspections

BREATH EASY knowing your home has been tested for radon, an odorless gas produced by decaying uranium in the soil our homes are built on.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends every house be tested for radon.


Testing is easy and affordable.  If you schedule a radon test as part of your home inspection, CHI can coordinate to allow for radon results the same day as your home inspection.


The entire state of Iowa is categorized as Zone 1 for radon levels by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

This means the average house in Iowa contains more radon than the EPA considers acceptable without mitigating.


If levels are considered elevated, a mitigation system can be installed in one day by a licensed mitigation specialist. Radon levels can be reduced to an acceptable amount within 24 hours of installation.



GET TO KNOW YOUR NEW HOME better than the one you've lived in for years, in just a few hours.


The fear in buying a new home comes from the "unknowns" about the property.  Our goal is to help you gather as much information about a property as possible.  


Cash Home Inspections uses industry leading inspection techniques.  We go above and beyond by implementing measurement and testing devices that help quantify the findings of a standard visual inspection.  


Our home inspections hold value after the close date.  Our state of the art reporting system leaves you with a customized report that will help with home maintenance and improvement projects.







starting at $50.00

starting at $125.00

starting at $275.00


Anytime wood comes in contact with soil, Iowa homes are vulnerable to termite infestation.  This is because Iowa is home to subterranean termites; insects that rely on the moisture from our clay based soil and feed on wood building materials. 


Our termite inspections also detect carpenter ants, the second most prevalent wood destroying insect in Iowa.

Termite Inspections
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